Please adopt, don’t shop! Don’t buy but adopt cats and kittens. Be cautious of posts on OLX, Quickr, facebook or whatsapp that will try to entice you to buy instead, the people or websites of breeder/cattery/petshop will claim themselves as most trusted, following higher standards, they have a marketing nexus to show you photos of their present and past customers, may even claim that buying will make you value your future pet more, and share other lies and excuses. Beware! Ethics are lost on the way to the banks.

Most sellers, won’t keep the kittens in hygienic environment and feed them good quality food. They won’t vaccinate the (sick) kittens before they sell because vaccinating them could kill the kittens within a week due to shock on their immune system which may already be under stress due to an underlying infection or genetic issue. If you meet a seller who has done first vaccination of their kittens by 6-8 weeks, run!

The best way to get your feline friend home is through adoption. You can join FB groups like Fans of Cats Delhi ask for adoption.

Why not Buy but Adopt?

By buying a pet, you (unknowingly) promote the nexus who force breeds parent animals, keeping of young and old ones in unhygienic places.

“Ethics go corrupt on the way to banks.”

Despite whatever any pet shop, cattery, breeder claim - they are not going to cut profits towards vaccination, checkups and hygiene of both young and old animals. They are not going to care for the pets like you would and could. They may also claim, they give out pets for adoption which is their way of getting rid of ‘sick’ and unwanted (sometimes old) animals they no longer want to support. Please consider adopting pets than buying them.

Adopting Adult Cats

Kittens are a lot of work. Between 2-6 months, they learn to socialize and their temperament can often change. Adult cats are less work, their temperaments are often stable and predictable, and therefore they are a great choice for adoptions. They are also more immune, have stable routines, health and diets. And, they can also be playful and make great pets!

You should join the Fans of Cats Delhi facebook group and ask for kitten and cat adoption (have patience!) and discuss all things cats.