This website is dedicated to my beloved kitten ‘Happy’ 🐱.

The goal of this website is to promote cats and kittens adoption in India starting with the Delhi, Gurgaon, and the NCR region. The website attempts to make it easier for people to discover and connect with communities who are trying to get kittens and cats adopted. The website has a short collection of articles on cats and kitten care, as well as a list of local recommendations.

Who was Happy?


“Happy was my purrfect darling kitten, he loved playing with me, hunting for (toy) mouse on a string, chasing shadows and lasers. Everyday, he would wake me up and play hide-n-seek with me. He would do long meows to order me to feed him. He would get upset if I was not around him, and would wait for me near the door and meow loudly until I would return only to go back to playing. He loved napping near me, and I loved petting him as he would nap and purr. He was very clean, liked grooming himself a lot, was litter trained and would demand privacy while he would do his business. Even on his final day, he demanded and used his litter box.


He loved treats, cantaloupe and curd. I caught him few times trying to steal his favourite treats :) He was very curious, always keen to explore the unexplored but only when I was around him to give assurance and a sense of security. He also loved hiding, jumping to higher spaces, his cat tree and crashing in soft clothes. In some sense, he was better than most humans I’ve met and lived life so far. He left for the heavens when he was just 12-weeks young which was very traumatizing and unfortunate for us, but left several great and loving memories for us to cherish him for the rest of our lives. He was very loyal, loving, playful, calm and docile. He will be missed 😿.

During the final days with Happy, I was unaware about feline first-aid and education that I always imagine could have helped. Happy and his final days are a major reason for this website. At the end of this page you will find a tribute video - Remembering Happy. Thank you for reading.”

– Rohit Yadav