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  • REVOLUTION (Selamectin): fleas, heartworms, roundworms


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Give one dose of pyrantel syrup (eg NEMOCID) at 6 weeks of age and then one dose of the combination, pyrantel plus praziquantel, dewormer (eg PRAZIVET), at 3 months of age and that’s it for at least the next 6 months unless the cat has a proven worm infestation.

Pyrantel is dosed at 10mg/kg. The syrup contains 50 mg so the math is BW in kg x 10/50. This works out to 0.1 ml per 500 g. Upto 500g BW give 0.1 ml..500g - 1 kg 0.2 ml and so on Anything containing praziquantel don’t use till the kitten is at least 1 kg or 3 months old. PRAZIVET is a cat dewormer made by cipla and it’s 1 tablet per 4 kg. Again.. Split accordingly.

There is no ideal deworming repeat booster protocol. Deworming regularly is not encouraged unless it’s an outdoor cat. Contrary to popular belief some amount of worms are good as they help control inflammation. However it should never be a worm infestation so for outdoor cats it would be wise to deworm every 12-18 months.